Although we will do everything in our power to transport your baggage on time and without any irregularities, they, unfortunately, can occur. Please find information on carrier’s liability regarding checked-in and hand baggage in General conditions of carriage. Any irregularity has to be reported in the Lost & Found office at the airport of your arrival. If you travel frequently and/or carry valuable or fragile items, you may take out an insurance policy with an insurance company, considering that carrier’s liability is limited.

Checked baggage irregularities

Baggage delay

Croatia Airlines authorised personnel will search for your delayed baggage and organise its delivery free of charge as soon as it is found. For more information contact Central Tracing Department by e-mail:

Claim shall be sent to the last carrier in passenger's itinerary, namely to carrier which issued Propperty Irregularity Report.

Lost baggage

If your baggage is not found after 45 days of tracing, it will be considered lost. Your claim for reimbursement will automatically be forwarded to the Customer Relations Department for further processing and you will be informed about the final settlement by post or e-mail.

Damaged baggage

In our experience, it often happens that most of the damages can be repaired. Therefore we advise you to keep the receipt and enclose it with your claim.

Pilfered baggage

We kindly suggest to take into consideration carrier's liability and restrictions in regards to checked baggage while packing, as it is noted in General Conditions of Carriage, articles 8.3. and 15.6.

Hand baggage irregularities

Croatia Airlines is not liable for damage of passengers’ hand baggage or for forgotten or lost personal belongings from passengers’ hand baggage. The carrier is liable for damage of such items only if the damage resulted by the carrier’s fault.

In case you have forgotten an item from your hand baggage on board one of our aircraft, and if it has been found, please contact the Lost and Found office at the airport of your arrival where you may pick it up personally or you may authorize someone to pick it for you.

The carrier is not liable for delivery of forgotten items from passengers' hand baggage whereas the passengers shall organize the delivery personally at their own cost via delivery services (DHL, Overseas Express).

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